Brand Identity


Brand Identity

Your brand identity is the summation of your brand’s value, what it has to offer, “who” it is…all represented by its visual components (logo, name, strapline, colours, fonts, line, shapes).

Your brand identity is what YOU say it is, unlike brand perception, which is what CONSUMERS say it is.

Your brand identity strategy is your chance to colour perceptions of your brand and to tell the world what you have to offer (and how you’re going to make an impact).

Your website and its design offer massive opportunities to exercise that brand identity strategy. And for this reason, not just any website design and development will do. Templates are out. Custom design is a must, and preparation to ensure that it accurately represents your brand is crucial.

The majority of consumers turn to the internet for answers to their problems and relief for their pain. Will your website be there with the right message? Will it build a brand identity that serves those needs and gets the sale?


Never underestimate the potential of your website to convert strangers to friends, friends to customers, and customers to loyal clients. Designing it with a brand identity that fully conveys your brand’s values, connects on an emotional level with your audience and encourages them to take action is HUGE in the building of your brand.